• Autumn Harvested

    After the fruits of the earth have been gathered in, relax and savor their restorative scents of cider spiced with nutmeg and ginger.
  • Christmas

    Enjoy the scent of the holidays all season long. Your home will be filled with the bright scent of ripe oranges and the comfort of cinnamon.
  • Along the Garden Path

    Inspired by the fresh verdant scents of spring.
  • Apiary Blossom Nectar *SALE*

    Inspired by the fresh verdant scents of spring: heavy rains, green moss, and full blossoms. This small-batch collection is hand-poured. Fill your home with the fragrances of spring.
  • Cashmere

    The ultimate in luxury.  A soothing melodious composition of roses, magnolia and sampaquita.  Like cashmere itself, this scent feels comfortably chic and classically American. *Best seller
  • Evergreen Seedlings

    Attain the smell of the whole Christmas tree farm with our Evergreen Seedling home fragrance.
  • Everyday Color *SALE*

    This collection embodies all that is fresh and bright about spring and summer.  Breathe in the ocean breeze with our Salt Swept and Boathouse scents or bask in citrus groves full of blooms with the Citrus Grove and Green Yuzu scents.
  • Festivity

    Our signature Festivity Collection features four new home fragrances: Pumpkin, Joy, Fir, and Noel.
  • French Velvet

    A delicate fragrance with subtle notes of jasmine and hyacinth-exquisitely arranged atop blushing violet and white musk.
  • Fresh Linen

    Fresh Linen is a cool, clean and uplifting blend of lemon and orange interwoven with bergamot, rose, jasmine and musk. *Best seller
  • Gilded Pumpkin

    If you were to glaze a fresh baked pumpkin loaf with Valencia and cinnamon clove, then this is what you get.  Sweet and rich, this smells so good you’ll want to start baking!
  • Golden Embers

    Golden Embers is luxurious and indulgent with undertones of patchouli and spicy amber, mid layers of floral jasmine
    and rose, and top layers that mellow the heaviness of the other scents — fresh mandarin, bergamot, and citrus greens.

  • Good Dog

    Odor neutralizing: Enjoy the scent of cleanliness with the combination of vanilla, lavender and soft amber.
  • Italian Summer Botanical

    Inspired by the luxury and simple elegance of Italian countryside villas, these fragrances will transform your home, deck or patio into a summer afternoon respite.
  • Lavender

    From the sun-warmed Provence, comes the most true-to-life lavender essence we could find. Legendary for its ability to
    promote serenity and deep-restful sleep,this nostalgic fragrance will also freshen closets, drawers and suitcases.
  • Log Cabin

    Enjoy rustic elegance with the rich comforting notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Mosquito Repellent

    Our Mosquito Repellent Collection will keep the bugs away-naturally. The candles are made with essential oils of geranium, marigold or eucalyptus mint and all scents naturally and safely repel mosquito’s.
  • Paperwhites

    One of our most popular fragrances, it is beloved for it’s understated and timeless appeal.  Classic roses complimented with lily of the valley, carnation and cyclamen are warmed with an undertone of sweet musk.
  • Pheasant Hill

    Equally at home in both mens and women's living spaces, this predominately earthy fragrance mist with subtle floral overtones will make any space instantly feel more comfortable. A captivating alternative to conventional fragrances.
  • Renew the Senses

    Purify – Refresh, uplift and invigorate your senses and cleanse your spirit with this stimulating blend of lemon, grapefruit and juniper berries.
    Balance – Embrace your senses with this harmonious blend of ylang-ylang, sandalwood and frankincense.
  • Simply Blu

    Cool notes of lily of the valley, cyclamen, sweet musk and classic rose.
  • Spicy Rosehip

    Spicy Rosehip fragrance is warm and exciting with cinnamon...perhaps more than any other spice...reminiscent of the season's delicious festivities and cozy time of year.
  • Woods

    Adventurous days spent hunting and gathering in the forest are evoked with every whiff of this woodsy and masculine fragrance.

Shop Fragrance by Collection

Have fun making your selections within Hillhouse Naturals' vast array of special home fragrance collections. Try specialty categories like Good Dog for high-quality dog care items, including linen spray, conditioning pet shampoo and odor-neutralizing doggie diffuser. You'll also find a great selection under the Mosquito Repellent banner, including three types of mosquito-repelling candles (Eucalyptus/Mint, Geranium and Marigold) in three types of containers: hypertufa pots, tabletop glass jars and hanging glass jars. Other natural home scent collections showcase our fantastic range of natural aroma products, including Italian Summer Botanical, Pheasant Hill, French Velvet, Woods and more. These collections offer an unprecedented gathering of soaps, fragrance mists, refresher oils, scent diffusers, candles, potpourri, linen sprays, hand and body creams and more. Fragrances include golden apple, morning honeysuckle, vanilla orchid, fresh citrus, nutmeg, ginger, jasmine, hyacinth and many others.