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About Us

Hillhouse Naturals started on a family farm in 1986 by husband and wife team, Shelly and Peggy. Inspired by the bounty of beautiful flowers, fruit and fragrances on the farm, Shelly and Peggy began mixing home fragrances. Twenty nine years later, it is still a family business. Peggy and her daughter, Tracy, create the brand’s expanding product lines that now go beyond home fragrance to bath and body, and pet care products. With Peggy’s love of natural scents – both…

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Meet Henry

In 2007, we adopted a stray, timid and loveable puppy we named Henry. Not a day passes that Henry isn’t snoozing on his pillow or greeting folks. The business-minded pooch henrynow has his own line—Good Dog Collection, for which the crafty canine made The New York Times!

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