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How do you describe cashmere? Words come to mind like “soft,” “rich,” “warm,” “elegant,” “sophisticated,” “luxurious” and sometimes “expensive,” especially when referring to the jackets and sweaters fashioned from this highly desirable clothing material. The scent version of cashmere comes from the Kashmir region, a remote location just north of India. Our scent of cashmere, made from a delightful combination of roses, magnolia, sampaguita, citrus and clove, is one of our best sellers and a customer favorite. Sampaguita, by the way, is a type of jasmine and the Philippines' national flower, translated as “I Promise You.” It's said to be a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness and innocence. Our cashmere collection contains a little of everything – body cream and cashmere body spray, hand lotion and hand wash, French-milled soap, laundry detergent, cashmere room spray and linen mist, all with the pleasing cashmere scent.