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Fresh Linen is a cool, clean and uplifting blend of lemon and orange interwoven with bergamot, rose, jasmine and musk. *Best seller
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Fresh Linen sachet .6oz., Set Of 2 Fresh Linen refresher oil 1/2oz. Fresh Linen French Milled Soap 6.6oz.
Fresh Linen bath salt In bag 16oz. Fresh Linen candle tin 6.5oz. Fresh Linen Counter Cleaner 16oz.
Fresh Linen fragrance mist 3oz. Fresh Linen hand wash 8.25oz. Fresh Linen body butter 8oz.
Fresh Linen hand lotion 8.25oz. Fresh Linen body wash 16oz. Fresh Linen hand wash 16oz.
Fresh Linen body mist 4oz. Fresh Linen hand lotion 16oz. Fresh Linen, linen spray 1 Liter
Fresh Linen body creme 14oz. Fresh Linen 2 wick candle in decorative glass 15oz. Fresh Linen bath salts in reusable glass bottle 31oz.
Fresh Linen 2 wick white candle w/box 12oz. Fresh Linen laundry detergent 33oz. Fresh Linen diffuser 6oz.
Fresh Linen diffuser 16oz.
You know the scent. Fresh linen is one of the most recognizable fragrances, with a cool base of floral scents layered with various other ingredients, including citrus, rose, jasmine and bergamot. Take the fresh linen home fragrance out of the laundry room into the rest of your house with our wide offering of fresh linen fragrance products, including fresh linen candles, fresh linen spray, diffuser oils, fresh linen soap, bath salts and more. Find your fresh linen scent delivery method with Hillhouse Naturals today!