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Scents Inspired by Field + Fleur

Our Field + Fleur collection of fragrances are inspired by the scents and smells that you often find in natural flora. We’ve taken iconic smells from fields, trees, flowers, backyards and more and curated an unforgettable collection of home fragrance soy candles, sprays, diffusers and other products. Looking for something light and bouncy? Shop Agave Citron floral scented candles to brighten up a room. Want something a little bit more distinct? Our cut grass bamboo wrapped candles make a great addition to any room or outdoor patio. Shop floral and field scented candles in our Field + Fleur section today!

Best selling Cut Grass!

Cut Grass, part of our Field + Fleur line of fragrances inspired by nature, will immediately bring to mind the fresh scent in the air after the grass has just been cut. The cut-grass smell is the ideal scent for those who prefer colognes or perfumes that are citrus-based. It will fill your home or office with a combination of freshly cut grass and clover, with an underlying aroma of jasmine and wisteria. Choose from a 6-ounce fragrance mist spray, a long-lasting Cut Grass fragranced diffuser or several mowed-lawn candles. Our candles, made with wax derived from locally sourced soybeans, burn cleaner and longer than common paraffin wax candles. The 21-ounce, three-wick handwoven candle boasts a burn time of 100+ hours, while the 12-ounce, two-wick handwoven and white candles are expected to burn for 85+ hours each! Enjoy the aroma of a freshly trimmed lawn anytime you choose with these Cut Grass aromatic items.