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Adventurous days spent hunting and gathering in the forest are evoked with every whiff of this woodsy and masculine fragrance.
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Woods refresher oil 1/2oz. Woods candle tin 5oz. Woods fragrance mist 3oz.
Woods candle glass 7oz. Woods  linen water 1 liter Woods candle in jar 11oz.
Woods candle in gold mercury 13oz. Woods diffuser 8oz.
Woods diffuser 8oz.
Price: $52.50
Have you ever been camping or hiking and taken a deep breath? Did you notice the fresh air, musky scent of the forest floor, and bright colorful hints of blooming flora, pine trees and more? That’s the essence of the forest. At Hillhouse Naturals, we’re happy to provide woods and forest fragrance for the home in a wide number of delivery methods, including Forest-scented candles, room mists, diffuser oil, woods fragrance potpourri and more. Shop woods and forest fragrance with Hillhouse Naturals today!