Hillhouse Naturals - A Mother and Daughter Company

Hello! We are Peggy Batts and Tracy Sullivan, the mother and daughter team behind Hillhouse Naturals. All of our products are made on our family farm, where we work side by side with a wonderful team of women who do everything from pouring candles to packing up orders. Whenever possible, we use local and natural ingredients - and when we say local, we really mean local...even the soy for the clean burning soy wax candles we are known for comes straight from the farm.

Mom Peggy - Founder of Hillhouse Naturals: Farm Life and Creativity

The Hillhouse Naturals farm story began over 30 years ago in the Kentucky countryside. My husband and I were farmers. I always loved crafts and making things, and I would use the beautiful botanicals and wildflowers that surrounded us to to create wreaths, sachets and potpourris. Tracy helped too of course - her after school “job” was picking flowers. We loved farm life but struggled to make ends meet, but one thing that was never in short supply in our home was resourcefulness. I took some wreaths to local craft fairs, but I never expected for it go beyond that - until one day, when Country Living showed up and bought up everything we had! They wanted us to start selling to them and encouraged to expand. We went down to the bank and got a 500 dollar loan, which got us started on what became a thriving business and a real family affair.

Daughter Tracy - Creative Director of Hillhouse Naturals and Field + Fleur: Growing Up In a Field of Flowers

Mom had us all taking part in Hillhouse Naturals from the early days. I was always fascinated with the creative side of things. My mother and I worked on everything together from fragrances to packaging design, growing the company together. Since Hillhouse Naturals was mom's vision, she encouraged me to create something new that expressed my own aesthetic, which was more minimalist, clean and contemporary. I always say that I grew up in a field of flowers, so I called my new collection "Field + Fleur" - field and flower. Field + Fleur features scents that are a unique interpretations of beloved classics plus edgier, fun fragrances The packaging is streamlined and simple and will match any home decor.

Our Pledge
Our customers are very much a part of our family, and our commitment to you remains the same since day one - to produce quality products made with the utmost care.

Peggy Batts and Tracy Sullivan