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Give the Scent of the Holiday Season With Our Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers, & Potpourris

It’s time to get in the holiday spirit, and since the holidays are all about giving, we made this gift-giving guide to make it a little easier for you this year. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for Mom, Dad, your best friend, your significant other, or your mother-in-law, don’t fret — Hillhouse Naturals has you covered!

Hillhouse Naturals carries a selection of fall scents, from fresh-cut balsam and pine to cinnamon spice with a hint of citrus. Along with our quality soy candles, we also offer reed diffusers, fragrance mists, potpourris, wax melters, lotions, hand soaps, and more.

Check out this guide for our top five picks of holiday scents and Christmas candles to give this season so you can find that special scent for you and your loved ones.

Evergreen Seedlings

evergreen seedlings fragrance candle from hillhouse naturals in a black container

Shop our best-selling holiday fragrance that will transport your senses straight to a Christmas tree farm. This scent combines pine, spruce, juniper, and cedar wood, all into one irresistible aroma. This Christmas tree candle will fill any room with a complex combination of evergreens. Our Evergreen Seedlings scent is made for those who wish to relive their childhood by visiting a Christmas tree farm. It is youthful yet sophisticated, perfect for someone who takes their work seriously but knows how to have fun on the weekends. If this sounds like someone you know, Evergreen Seedlings could be their new favorite scent.

Our Evergreen Seedlings scent is offered in a fragrance mist, a 5-ounce candle with 30+ hours of burn time, and a reed diffuser that will last four to six months.

Merriest Holiday

merriest holiday candle scent in a red container from hillhouse naturals

If you are looking for a refreshing fragrance, Merriest Holiday combines notes of pine and eucalyptus. The earthy and woody scent is sure to remind you that the holidays are approaching. This fragrance is great for that down-to-earth person in your life who enjoys relaxation time.

Fun fact: Eucalyptus is known to help with stress and headaches!

Our Eucalyptus scent is offered in a selection of products, including soy candles, potpourris, hand washes, hand lotions, and reed diffusers. Fill your space with this special scent this holiday season. Our red candle jars, mercury glass candle holder, and potpourri pine cones make for great Christmas decor to add around your home. Your gift can double as an amazing fragrance and a holiday decoration.


christmas potpourri scent in a transparent bag with a red ribbon

Give the smell of Christmas with our Christmas potpourri, candle, or reed diffuser. Our “Christmas” fragrance embodies just that — all things Christmas. The bright scent of ripe oranges paired with the comfort of cinnamon and spice will bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to anyone’s home. This candle will have visitors asking how your place smells just like the holidays. Christmas is the perfect fragrance for those extroverts who enjoy hosting since this cheery scent is likely to please a room full of people.

Decorate for the holiday season with our pine cone potpourri and red candle jars that will add a pop of color and fragrance to your seasonal decor. It’s never too early to start decorating — Christmas will be here before you know it!

Fresh Cut Balsam & Pine

fresh cut balsam & pine hand wash in soap dispenser from hillhouse naturals

The combination of fresh balsam and pine is a classic holiday scent that will remind you of happy days. Our Fresh Cut Balsam & Pine fragrance features a hint of cinnamon that completes this aroma and makes it feel like Christmas. If you are unsure what scent to give, this fragrance offers something for everyone since it’s woody with a touch of spice.

Fresh Balsam & Pine is offered in a variety of forms, such as wax melts, candles, hand washes, hand lotions, reed diffusers, and potpourris. Find the right product for your special someone.

Spiced Vanille

spiced vanille candle scent in a transparent mercury glass from hillhouse naturals

For those extra-sweet people in your life, give the scent of spiced vanilla. Our Spiced Vanille fragrance includes notes of toasted golden ginger, vanilla, and crushed cinnamon. This sweet and spicy aroma is fun yet elegant and will leave you wanting more.

spicy vanilla scents are available in various sizes of candles that have between 30 to 50 hours of burn time or a reed diffuser that will last between four to six months.

Choosing the Perfect Scent

Now it’s time to choose which fragrance to give this holiday season. From Christmas tree candles to fresh balsam hand soap, you are bound to find a scent and product for everyone.

Brighten someone's week with a gift from Hillhouse Naturals. Our products are perfect for relatives, coworkers, friends, and more. Our candles are made with high-quality and natural ingredients and will last a long time.

We carry our holiday candles year-round, so your space can smell like a winter wonderland all year long!


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