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Fall & Christmas Candles, Mercury Glass Candle Holders, and Potpourri

Get in the holiday spirit with our Christmas and fall fragrances. Create an inviting home for family and friends this holiday season. Christmas candles that smell like oranges, cinnamon, and spice and fall candles that fill the air with apple, cinnamon, and cider are for sale year-round, so your home can always smell like the holidays.

We have a large selection of Christmas potpourri, mercury glass candle holders, soy wax candles, diffusers, and fragrance mists. A reed diffuser will last for months and our candles have a long burn time, so your home will smell like a winter wonderland all season long.

Shop our best-selling holiday home fragrance, Evergreen Seedlings. The smell of pine, spruce, juniper, and cedar wood complement each other perfectly and will transport your senses to a Christmas tree farm.

At Hillhouse Naturals, our products are handmade in the USA and we strive to use local and fresh ingredients. We treat our customers like family and are committed to producing quality products.


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