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Create the Perfect Christmas Aroma With Our Candles and Diffusers With Sweet Hints of Cinnamon Spice & Ripe Oranges

Hillhouse Naturals strived to create the perfect scent for that sweet and cozy Christmas feeling you’ll want throughout your home, and voila! — here is our sweet and spicy Christmas scent that you’ll love throughout your home.
Cinnamon, spice, and ripe oranges are a classic combination for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout your home. Our combination of these three ingredients creates a festive and aromatic atmosphere that is perfect for your holiday season.
Cinnamon is a popular spice that is commonly used in holiday cooking and baking. It's super easy to notice the smell of cinnamon. It has a warm, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma that adds depth and complexity to not only dishes but also candle scents and sweet drinks! Cinnamon is known for adding that touch of warmth and cheer to any space and, most importantly, the beginning of the fall season!
Many spices, such as nutmeg, clove, and ginger, are also commonly used during the holiday season. These specific spices have strong and aromatic flavors that are perfect for adding depth and warmth to any candle or diffuser. They are often used in combination with cinnamon to create a rich flavor and stronger aroma — perfect for the winter season.
Ripe oranges are a refreshing and sweet ingredient that can add a touch of brightness to any home. The scent of ripe oranges is quite fresh, zesty, and a little sweet, and it pairs so well with the warm and spicy scents of cinnamon and spice!
Hillhouse Naturals has combined these three ingredients to develop a perfect combination for creating a warm and inviting scent during the holiday season. Whether you are using potpourri, a candle, or a diffuser, the combination of cinnamon, spice, and ripe oranges is sure to add a touch of coziness and festivity to any fall or winter season.
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