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For any household, it’s important that it not only looks great but smells great too. So how do you keep your house smelling great month after month without having to constantly burn candles or use spray? Our reed fragrance diffuser is designed to slowly and evenly release a pleasing fragrance into the air. The reeds soak up the scented oil, and the scent is constantly being released – which means you don’t have to refill scent packs or burn candles to keep your house smelling good. Hillhouse Naturals farm fragrance diffusers come in 3.5-oz., 5-oz., 6-oz., 8oz. and 16-oz. sizes and in a huge range of scents. Find Peony Blush, Myrrh Wood, Fresh Linen, White Pine and Log Cabin fragrances, among others. Our diffusers last three to four months on average, longer for the larger diffusers. Brighten up your home today and find a fragrance that fits your style with one of our many home fragrance diffuser options. We also offer free shipping on orders of $99 or more.