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Hydrangea candle in green jar 6oz. Peony candle in green jar 6oz. Twigs candle in green jar 6oz.
Tulip candle in green jar 6oz. Peony diffuser 5oz. Hydrangea diffuser 5oz.
Peony diffuser 5oz.
Price: $36.00
Twigs diffuser 5oz. Tulip diffuser 5oz. Tulip 2 wick candle In green glass 12oz.
Twigs diffuser 5oz.
Price: $36.00
Tulip diffuser 5oz.
Price: $36.00
Twigs 2 wick candle in green glass 12oz. Hydrangea 2 wick candle in green glass 12oz. Peony 2 wick candle in green glass 12oz.

There’s nothing quite like the turn of spring. Trees are budding, birds are singing, and the whole world around you seems to breathe new life. Whether spring is right around the corner or you’re working your way through a cold winter, you can bring the energy and joy of springtime into your home with spring-scented candles from our unique, homemade collection. Take a walk down an enchanting garden path with our Along the Garden Path candles and diffusers. Notes of peony, tulip, and hydrangea will waft through your home, giving your space a springtime air. You’ll be amazed at how these floral scents will energize you, invigorate you, and bring you back to days spent in your favorite garden, enjoying the new spring sunshine. Hillhouse Naturals’ philosophy is a simple one: quality products made with care. Enjoy a beautiful fresh scented candle or diffuser in your home and experience the true quality that Hillhouse Naturals is known for.